Adult Classes in Austin, Texas

Slavin Nadal School of Ballet offers both ballet and Pilates classes for adults. From beginner classes for those who have no previous training to advanced classes, we have a class for every skill level.

Available Adult Classes

Adult I - Beginning

Adult II - Elementary

Adult III - Intermediate/Advanced

Pilates Mat Class

Pilates Reformer Class


Class Schedule

Fall Semester August 14 - December 16 / Spring Semester January 2 - June 1

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Adult 1 Beginner 7:35p.m.-8:35p.m.
Adult 2 Elem 7:35p.m.-8:35p.m. 7:35p.m.-8:35p.m.
Adult 3 Int/Adv 6:50p.m.-8:20p.m.
9:15 a.m.-10:45 a.m. 6:50p.m.-8:20p.m. 9:15a.m.-10:45a.m.
Pilates Mat Class 9 a.m.-10a.m.